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How-To: Find a Biography

Searching for books and other materials

Want to browse the stacks for biographies?   In the Library of Congress classification system, biographies are generally not shelved all in one separate area.  Instead, a biography of a person is catalogued in the subject area most closely associated with that person.  For example, Albert Einstein was a physicist, so his biography will be found in the QD section; Mark Twain was an American author, so his biography will be in the PS section.  To make browsing for a biography easier, in the Utica Campus Library look for books with the red, white, and blue "Biography" sticker on the spine.


(Label courtesy of Gaylord:


Here is a sample of search terms:

Autobiography Biography
Biography -- 20th Century Basketball players -- Biography
Actors/Actresses - Biography Presidents -- United States -- Biography
Physicists -- Biography Specific People