How-To: Cite Sources

This guide will help to you cite your sources in-text and in the works cited/references page.


@Twitter handle.“Title of post.” Twitter, date & time of Tweet, URL. Accessed day month year.

@MVCC_UticaRome. “Students, don't forget about @MVCCDining's Late

         Lunch, offered in the Resident Dining Hall until 4 p.m.!.” Twitter,

         30 Jan. 2017, 10:30 A.M.,

         Accessed 31 Jan. 2017.



Streaming Video: Library Databases

Title of Film
. Role by First and Last Names, Production Studio, Copyright date. Streaming Service, URL. Accessed day month year.

When Two Worlds Collide. Directed by Heidi Brandenburg Sierralta and Mathew Orzel, First Run Features Exclusives, 2016. Kanopy, Accessed 31 Jan. 2017.

All about Forensic Science. Films Media Group, 2007. Films on


       wID=97948&xtid=40280. Accessed 31 Jan. 2017.


“Title.” YouTube, uploaded by screen name,date uploaded, URL.

"Frank Lloyd Wright by Ken Burns‚Äč". YouTube, uploaded by

          PBSAmerica, 19 Feb. 2014,  

 Accessed 31 Jan. 2017.

Blog Post

Author.“Title of blog entry.”Name of the site, Name of institution affiliated with blog,date, URL. Accessed day month year.

Houghton, Sarah.“Open Letter to ALA President Julie Todaro re: Recent

       ALA Statements.” Librarian in Black, 20 Nov. 2016, librarianinblack/.Accessed 26 Jan. 2017.