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How-To: Evaluate Internet Resources

Evaluating Internet Pages

When evaluating websites, there are 5 criteria that you should look for on a webpage.  They are:

  1. Authority
  2. Coverage
  3. Objectivity
  4. Accuracy
  5. Currency

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

Domain:  Part of the web address between http://www and the first  /. 

     Example:   In this address, the domain is

     where “mvcc” is the host name and “.edu” is the domain it falls under.

Top-level domain name: highest level on the Internet  eg., .com, .org, .edu

Second-level domain names: names directly to the left of the top-level domain names

    Eg., blogger in

Third-level domain names: names directly to the left of the second-level domain names

    Eg., mvcc in

Public Suffixes

Maintained by Mozilla; designed to allow Internet users to directly register names instead of going through a domain name registrar and to keep privacy-damaging cookies from being set for high-level domain name suffixes.  

Eg., .com,,