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Library Policies and Services

This page will give you an overview of the policies at the Utica and Rome Libraries.

Computers & Technologies Access

The Library lab computers, scanners and printers are designated for academic use by currently enrolled MVCC students. Librarians may offer assistance with the following applications if time allows, but users may need to seek help from the appropriate office outside of the library: Blackboard, ANGEL, e-mail, Microsoft Office applications, and the MVCC wireless network.

Utica Campus

Reference Area-- ten networked computers including a scanning station and printer. There are no word-processing applications or PowerPoint software available. Web-based research takes precedence. Activities including Blackboard, email, social networking site access and similar activities are permitted, but at peak times students using such sites may be referred to the open lab so the reference computers may be used for research.  The reference computers may be accessed by both members of the community and enrolled MVCC students. 

PH 212 Computer Lab --twenty networked computers, including word-processing applications and printer. Serves as an open lab when there are no instruction sessions scheduled. Weekly open lab hours are posted outside of the lab, in the reference area and on the MVCC web site.

Catalog Computers-- two computers (one located next to the reference desk and one located next to the circulation desk) available for quick searching of the library catalog only.

Rome Campus

The Rome library has the open computer lab for the Rome campus.  There are twenty-five networked computers, two black-and-white printers, and one color printer.  These computers are usually available for students, faculty, and staff, whenever the library is open.  Priority is given to students doing school work, and when there is a waiting line for computers, students not doing school work may be asked to vacate their computers.  Community members may use the computers if they are available, but MVCC students, faculty, and staff have priority. 

Utica Campus

Photocopiers-- Single-side and double-side copying is available for $.10 per page using coins and cash. There are 2 copiers in the library, one right next to the Circulation Desk and the other in the hallway to the lab.

Scanner - There is one scanner available for people to use in the Reference area.  There are instructions on how to use the scanner inside of the scanner or just ask for help at the Reference Desk.  Please be aware that the scanner's computer is reserved only for scanning and printing from a thumb drive. 

Rome Campus

There is one photocopier in the Rome library for use by students.  It costs $.10 per page.  It will make double-sided copies, but each side will cost $.10.

There are no scanners for use by students in the Rome library. 

All registered students have email accounts on the MVCC server. 

To access your account either from off-campus or on-campus:

  • Go to: or
  • Click on the blue Current Students button at the top of the page.
  • In the left-hand column, under Quick Links, click on the E-mail icon.
  • In the logon box type in your username and password. 
    • Your username consists of your first initial, your last name, and the date you were born
    • For example:
      • Charles Grant, born on July 6, 1980, would be:  cgrant06
  • Your password consists of the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Click on OK.

If you experience any problems or can’t get in, call the Information Technology Help Desk at the Utica Campus at (315) 731-5711 OR on the Rome Campus at (315) 334-7715.

What is a network folder?

A network folder is the equivalent of many floppy disks or several thumb drives that you don’t have to carry around. It is kept on the college’s server, which is backed up every night. It stores up to 25 MB. You can save Word documents, pictures, web sites, and other documents to your network folder.

Two ways of access:

   From on campus:  

  • Double-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop.
  • Under “Network Drives,” find the icon for:
    • your user name on student-serv \users (S).”
    • Double-click on it to open.  
    • Your documents and folders that you have saved to your network folder will appear.

   From off campus:  

  • Go to Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  •   In the address box at the top of the screen, type:
  • A log-in box will prompt you for your username and password. 
    • These are the same as the username and password you use to log on to the MVCC computers on  campus.
  • Click the "Logon" button.
  • You should be able to drag documents and folders from your network folder to your computer, and to drag them from your computer to your storage folder.

Saving to your network folder:

To save a document:

  • Click on File in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on Save As.  
  • At the Save As box, click on the down arrow to bring down the menu.
  • Select “your user name on student-serv S.”   Name the document and, at the save as type box, select the type of file you want the document to be. (Note: you may wish to save your word-processing documents as RTF, or Rich Text Format, so that they can be read by any word-processing program and you won’t have to worry about working on them or printing them out on another computer.) 
  • Click on Save.

Important: The contents of your network folder will be removed at the end of the semester. Computer services will send out a warning email to all students before this is done.  Please save any documents or folders you want to keep by putting them on a disk or thumb drive or saving them on your home computer.

If you experience any problems or can’t get into or find your folder, call the Information Technology Help Desk at (315) 731-5711.

How to login to the campus wireless:

  1. Login to your computer.
  2. Find your wireless connection manager.
  3. Select the unconnected wireless profile, "MVCC Public".
  4. When connected, enter your browser - this will relocate you to a login screen.
    1. You may get a warning that "There is a problem with this website's security certificate."
    2. Click on "Continue to this website (not recommended)"
  5. A login screen should appear. Login using your MVCC username and password.


Please note: There are variations to this process dependent on computer, taskbar configuration, and browser.

Questions? Problems?  Contact: (315) 731-5711.