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Molly Cameron

About LSA

Who we are

The Library Leadership Board is a group of students and library faculty which comes together for regular meetings to discuss challenges the library faces, things the library is doing well, and opportunities for growth in the future. Together we find problems, brainstorm solutions, and come up with creative projects to make the library a better place for students at MVCC. 


Our mission is to ensure that students are centered in discussions about the library and its development.


We envision a vibrant and ever changing library which meets students’ educational and social needs as a hub for campus life. 


o    Creativity, open-mindedness, invention
o    Diversity, advocacy, community
o    Critical thought, problem solving, action

Join the team!

Member roles

Student members fill several roles in the organization: 

  1. Primarily, students are there to raise concerns and make requests on behalf of their peers so that the library knows what the students want to see. 
  2. Students may also offer feedback and insight on issues the library raises so that it can ensure it proceeds with the students' perspective in mind.
  3. Finally, student members learn more about what the library has to offer, and can share that information with their peers so that the whole student body can take advantage of the library's resources. 

There are two main roles for librarian participants in the organization:

  1. The librarian in charge of the group works to organize meetings and facilitate discussions. They are the contact person if anyone wants to raise concerns or share an idea outside of a meeting, and they bridge the gap between the library administration and the student body.
  2. Other librarians will attend individual meetings to talk about their area of expertise and highlight a particular service, resource, or event the library has. These librarians are the group's news sources and topic leaders. Feel free to make requests if there is a certain librarian you want to meet or a certain topic you want covered and a guest librarian will be happy to present to the group!