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Library Student Advisors: Updates

Usability updates

One of the main things the library is interested in is making sure its resources are efficient and informative. That's why the Library Student Advocates are going to do some testing to make sure everything is up to par. These projects include: 

  1. Making sure the website looks up to date, makes sense to navigate, and gives users the support they need.
  2. Making sure the chat with a librarian service is friendly and helpful.
  3. Seeing if we have all the libguides students need, and that students know how to access them. 
  4. Seeing if the physical space in the library can be rearranged or updated to support student needs.

Library showcase

A big part of LSA meetings is the library showcase portion. At the beginning of each meeting, a guest librarian will come in to share a little about their area of expertise and talk about new and interesting things happening in the library so that students stay informed about what the library has to offer and can weigh in on current events in the library. Upcoming topics include:

  1. State of the library, and potential big changes in scenery.
  2. Reference and Instruction resources.
  3. The Learning Commons.
  4. Ebooks, streaming, and digital resources.
  5. Hidden gems in the website.
  6. New events and programming.

Brainstorm: student ideas!

We want to hear from you! 

The most important part of LSA is getting ideas and opinions from students just like you. Do you have an idea for a new event or collection? Have you run into a problem that needs to be fixed? Do you want to share the perspective of an underrepresented group on campus? Come to LSA and be part of our open discussions!