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United States History: Books & Media

This guide will cover United States History resources.

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If you would like to browse our stacks below is a list of call numbers to search by:

E186-199 - U.S., Colonial History

E 201-298 - U.S., The Revolution

E 300-453 - U.S., Revolution to Civil War

E 456-655 - U.S., Civil War Period

E 660-738 - U.S., Late Nineteenth Century

E 740-837.7 - U.S., Twentieth Century

E 838-889 - U.S., Later Twentieth Century

E 895-904 - United States, Twenty-First Century

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If you cannot find what you are looking for in the MVCC Catalog, you can search other libraries using the links below:

Open Educational Resources


These resources will allow you to search or view videos on United States History:

Reference & Ebooks