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Research the Birthday Project

Includes reference books, databases, and web sites.


If you would like to browse our stacks below is a list of call numbers to search by:

Chronologies: provide a list of events and their dates of occurrence.

  • Britannica Book of the Year  (Ref AE 5 .E364)
  • Chronicle of the 20th Century.  (Ref D 422 .C53 1987)
  • Day by Day: the Eighties.  (Ref D 848 .M45 1995)  (also available in Rome)     
  • Day by Day: the Fifties.  (Ref D 842.5 .M47 1979)                          
  • Day by Day: the Forties.  (Ref D 427 .L4 1977)                     
  • Day by Day: the Nineties.  (Ref D 856 .A93 2004)  (also available in Rome)
  • Day by Day: the Seventies.  (Ref D 848 .L4 1988)  (also available in Rome)
  • Day by Day: the Sixties.  (Ref D 840 .P27 1983)  (also available in Rome)
  • 20th Century Day by Day.  (Rome Ref D 422 .C53 1999)


  • This Day in Sports.  (Ref GV 571 .G76 2001)
  • Sports of the Times.  (Ref GV 583 .S69 2003)


  • On This Day in Business History. (Ref HC 51 .F667 2006)


  • On This Day in Music History.  (Ref ML 3470 .W34 2004)


  • More On This Day in History.  (Ref D 11.5 .M55 2002)  (also available in Rome campus Library)

American History:

  • This Day in American History.  (Ref E 174.5 .G76 2001)
  • This Day in North American Indian History.  (Ref E 77.6 .K66 2002)