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How-To: Identify Types of Scientific Journal Articles

This guide will allow you to identify scholarly journal articles.

Case Studies

1.05 CASE STUDIES (p. 11)

The purpose of a case study is to highlight a problem, discuss a way in which the problem can be solved or present the need for research, clinical applications or theoretical matters.  Case studies are reports of materials obtained in the process of working with an indiviual, or group, community or organziation.  The case study below highlights the law firm Sidley Austin Brown & Wood.

The abstract for a case study include the followgin: (p. 27)

  1. a summary of the subject and important characterisitics of the individual, group, community or organization
  2. a review of the nature of the problem studied, or answer to the problem demonstrated by the case study
  3. any questions presented for further research or theory.

Case studies can be found in EBSCO and Gale databases by selecting "case study" in the Document Type or Publication Type box.


Barr, J. (2003). A disaster plan in action: how a law firm in the World Trade Center survived 9/11 with vital records and employees

          intact. Information Management Journal, 37(3), 28. Retrieved from Academic Serach Complete databases.

































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