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Fairy Tales/Myths and Legends: Books & Media


If you cannot find what you are looking for in the MV Catalog, you can search other libraries using the links below: 

(Please see the Librarian for instructions on how to order books from these other sites.  You will need to use Interlibrary Loan.)

Browse the Stacks

If you would like to browse our stacks below is a list of call numbers to search by:

PZ 7 - General children’s fiction      PZ 8 - Fairy tale
PZ 8.1 - Folktales, legends, myths      PZ 8.2 - Fables
PZ 8.3 - Poems for children, stories in rhyme      PZ 10 - Non-fiction

Reference & Ebooks

Ebooks to find texts of the fairy tales:

Reference books to find information about the fairy tales: 


Here is a sample of search terms:

Fairy Tale or Fable Title    Author of Fairy Tale or Fable
Myth name     Legend name
Author of the Myth    Author of the Legend


These resources will allow you to search or view videos on Fables/Fairy Tales/Myths and Legends