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Black Poetry Day

Created as part of MVCC's 21-Day DEI Challenge in 2022, this guide features works held by MVCC Libraries and written by contemporary and historical Black poets.

DEI challenge 2022



About this site:

Black Poetry Day is celebrated every October 17.

In 2022, MVCC celebrated Black Poetry Day as part of our DEI 21-Day Challenge. This site was created in support of a poetry reading event; it lists a selection of materials by famous Black poets held by MVCC Libraries. 

Be sure to join the Zoom session celebrating Black poetry on October 17, 2022, from noon-1. 


Material on this site is organized by:

Video of poets performing their work.

Ebooks of poetry available online through a library database.

Books and books on CD of poetry available as physical copies inside the libraries.

Further reading about Black Poetry Day and selected websites of Black poetry. 


Please note that this site is not exhaustive. If you do not see your favorite work, or works by your favorite Black poet, try searching the library collection.


Want a printable copy of the materials highlighted on this site?