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Nursing: Books & Media

This guide will cover Nursing resources.


These resources will allow you to search or view videos on Nursing:


Here is a sample of search terms:

Drugs Geriatric Nursing
Maternity nursing Medical ethics
Medicine Nurses  
Nursing Nursing ethics
Nursing home Nursing- law & legislation
Pharmacology Transcultural nursing


If you cannot find what you are looking for in the MVCC Catalog, you can search other libraries using the links below:

Browse the Stacks

If you would like to browse our stacks below is a list of call numbers to search by:

RA 1155 : Forensic nursing RC 266 : Cancer nursing
RC 440 : Psychiatric nursing RC 954-954.6 : Geriatric nursing
RD 99-99.35 : Surgical nursing RE 88 : Ophthalmic nursing
RG 105 : Gynecological RG 951 : Maternity nursing
RJ 245-247 : Pediatric nursing RK 60.5 : Dental nursing
RM 300s : Drug and their actions RT 1-120 : Nursing

Reference & Ebooks

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