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How to Use Persistent URLs

This guide shows you how to find and use permanent URLs in our most popular electronic resources


What are permalinks?
A permalink (also called persistent links, persistent URLs, permanent URLs and stable URLs) is a URL that will consistently lead to a specific article, video clip or other e-resource in our collection.

Why use permalinks?
If you copy a URL from the browser it usually contains more information than the direct link to the specific item.  Some databases also use URL's that change for each new search session even if you are looking up the same information. 

Why should I use a permanent rather than upload the actual article?
If you upload PDFs of articles or eBooks in your Blackboard course, website, or email, you may be in violation of copyright law or licensing agreements with providers of our online resources. Permalinks allow you to reliably link to online resources and help ensure that you are copyright compliant.

How do I do it?
The menu on the left-hand side to find instructions on locating and creating permalinks for most popular library resources.

Will a permalink work from off campus?
- When you are on campus, access is automatic and seamless.  When off campus, authentication is done via a proxy server that allows us to recognize MVCC library users.  In order for a link to an article or video to work off campus, it must contain the library proxy script in front of the vendor-supplied URL.  A box will appear that prompts for your MVCC username and password. 
- Some databases, like EBSCO and ProQuest, already include the library's proxy URL. (The library's proxy URL helps ensure that off campus users have the same access as those on campus.)
- Other databases, such as Gale, provide a stable URL but do not automatically include the library's proxy URL. In those instances, you'll need to add the library's proxy URL to the front of the stable URL before adding it to your Blackboard page.

What does the library proxy script look like and where can I find it?
It looks like this: and the best place to find it is on your own computer! Make a simple notepad file, copy and paste this link into it, and save the file to your desktop.  Then, anytime you need it, you can copy it  from that file.

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