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Radiology Technology: Books & Media

A guide to radiology technology resources from the MVCC Libraries.


These resources will allow you to search or view videos on Respiratory Care:


To find books or videos related to surgical technology, do a search for any of the following terms:

Radiology    Magnetic resonance imaging
Radiography    Radiation physics
Medical imaging    Tomography


If you cannot find what you are looking for in the MVCC Catalog, you can search other libraries using the links below:

Browse the Stacks

The MVCC Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification to arrange books and videos on the shelves.  This system uses letters and numbers to make up the Call Number.  If you would like to browse our stacks, below is a the call number range for about about radiology:

R 895-920  

Reference & Ebooks

Textbooks on Reserve

Books on Reserve are available for shorter loan periods so that more people may have access to them.  Respiratory Care textbooks for your courses have been put on Reserve at the library circulation desk where they can be borrowed for a period of 3 hours within the library.

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