Cite Sources

This guide will help to you cite your sources in-text and in the works cited/references page.

Overview of Citation

The purpose for citing sources as stated in the Chicago Manual of Style is that "ethics, copyright laws, and courtesy to readers require authors to identify the sources of direct quotations or paraphrases and of any facts or opinions not generally known or easily checked (see 13.1-6)." The citations enable the source of the content to be reviewed (16th edition, p 655). The citation styles used at MVCC include: MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style, depending on discipline. 

Citation Styles

APA -  generally used in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Sociology classes. 

MLA - generally used in English, History, ESL, CF100, and Theater classes. 

Chicago - generally used in History and Anthropology classes. 

**Please see your instructor or course syllabus for specific requirements.**

Citation Help Videos

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