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Honors Projects: Project Repository

This page will be a repository for student Honors projects. The projects are arranged by year and are findable with the guide search box.


Fall 2022 recording

Student presenters:

Ivy Penree - The State of Freshwater in Herkimer County, NY

Heroina Infante - The Power of Graphic Design and its Techniques for Visual Presentation


Spring 2022 Honors Symposium recording

Student presenters:

Velina Dizdarevic - Criminal Minds of Juvenile Delinquents: Factors Reinforcing Juvenile Delinquency

Gianna Maio - How Has Technology Influenced Portrait Photography?

Morgan Pflanz - The Women, the History, and How Modern Crafters are Subverting the Norms

Sarah Hong -  A Comparative Evaluation Between Traditional Eastern (Chinese) Medicine and Western Medicine on Chronic Coughs

Miguel Riascos - Invisible Barrier:  As a Problematic of Social Violence