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Accommodation Room in the Utica Campus Library

There is a dedicated study room in the Utica campus library housing assistive technology. This room, as well as other study rooms, can also serve as a sensory safe space for individuals with sensory issues. Users can reserve the Accommodation Room at the Utica Library Circulation Desk or by calling 315-792-5408.

Assistive technology available in the Accommodation Room:

  • Enhanced Vision magnifier - magnify or change the color contrast of forms, documents, newspapers, books, and more.
  • Trackball mouse -this device is meant to assist individuals with hand mobility impairment
  • Large print keyboard (white on black) for low vision users
  • ZoomText - magnification and reading software for low-vision users
  • NVDA - Screenreader application
  • Read & Write Gold - text-to-speech program