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Sociology: Books & Media

This guide will cover Sociology resources.

Reading Books for Research

Books are great resources for in-depth analysis and information on a topic. Lots of academic information is still published only in books, and is not available online. 

No, you don't have to read the entire book word-for word! Here are some tips to find what you need in a book quickly:

  1. Find your background information first. Use that background reading to create a list of important words and phrases to look for. Librarians call these important words key words. 
  2. Look for an index in the back of the book. If you find some of your important words and phrases in the index, go to the indicated pages and read those. 
  3. If there's no index, look at the Table of Contents at the beginning of the book. Go directly to chapters that sound relevant to your project. 
  4. Read the first and last paragraphs of the relevant chapters. These usually explain what the chapter is about. If these seem relevant, you can skim-read the entire chapter.
  5. If there's no Table of Contents, you can read the last few paragraphs of the book. Usually, the author will sum up the point of their book at the very end. If reading this indicates that the book will be useful for your project, you can skim-read through the book to look for some of the key terms. 


These resources will allow you to search or view videos on the subject of Psychology:

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In the Library Now!

Course Reserves for Sociology Classes at MVCC

The Utica and Rome campus libraries have many Sociology texts used at MVCC available on Reserve

Check to see if we have your textbook here.

Browse the Stacks

If you would like to browse our stacks, below is a list of call numbers to search by:

HM 401-1281: Sociology (General)

HM 435-477: History of sociology, History of sociological theory

HT 51-1595: Communities, Classes, Races

HT 101-395: Urban Sociology

HT 401-485: Rural Sociology

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